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MSRP $399.99
NOW ONLY $169.95

Fantastic Features
  • Easy to use-intuitive device, it works right out of the box
  • Find anything, the locator leads you within an inch of it's location
  • Two modes- Located & Alert
  • Set-up "safety-zones" and establish multiple radii
  • Tiny "locator tags" are easy to attach to almost anything
  • "Panic Tags" allow user to sound the alarm-perfect for children and the elderly
  • Countless "tags" can be keyed to a single locator device
  • Multi-language units (English, Spanish, German & French)

  • Pack Contents
  • Locate mode
  • 3 Mini Homing Tags
  • 1 Panic Homing Tag
  • Batteries
  • Sticky tabs, Lanyards
  • User guide
  • Safety and security and security are paramount concerns in today's uncertain world. Keeping track of pets, personal property and most importantly-children is on everyone's mind.

    Loc8or Plus is the solution you've been waiting for! This fantastic handled device allows you to track your personal property, pets and children all with one, simple and easy to use device that you can take with your anywhere. Loc8or Plus employs two modes: Locate and Alert, arranged in a direct and intuitive fashion, allowing you use Loc8or Plus right out of the box.

    In Locate mode you can quickly and easily find whatever you're looking for. Let's say you can't find you wallet-doesn't matter, (you already placed a Loc8or Plus tag inside), all you have to do is select your "tagged" wallet from the drop down list and on the locator screen. The locator gives you voice and visual directions, guiding you to your lost or misplaced items-bringing you within less then an inch! It works inside or out, irrespective of noise of light. Now you can find your wallet, keys and all those common items that we all seem to loose track of from one day to the next. Loc8or Plus is like a personal effects compass!

    With Alert mode, you can stop loosing things in the first place! Wouldn't it be great if you could set-up your own personal "safe-zone" with instant notification anytime a "tagged" items passes out of the zone? Loc8or Plus will issue an audio or vibrating alarm and show you exactly which item (or children and pets) have ventured too far the "safe-zone." You can even designate pre-set "safe-zones" in a variable and customizable radius, allowing you to determine which "tagged" items have more leeway of movement.

    In Alert mode you also have the option of using "panic tags" allowing the holder, perhaps a child or elderly relative to hit the "panic button." When activated, you are instantly notified exactly who is calling for assistance. This feature is great in crowded public venues such as the mall, airport and other busy, populated environments.

    Loc8or Plus is the perfect companion to assure your safety and security, giving you pieces of mind in today's often difficult world. Keep track of your children and pets, find your wallet, keys and any other common personal item quickly and easily, it's all at your finger-tips with the Loc8or Plus!