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MSRP $399.99
NOW ONLY $169.95

Fantastic Features
  • Easy to use-intuitive device, it works right out of the box
  • Find anything, the locator leads you within an inch of it's location
  • Two modes- Located & Alert
  • Set-up "safety-zones" and establish multiple radii
  • Tiny "locator tags" are easy to attach to almost anything
  • "Panic Tags" allow user to sound the alarm-perfect for children and the elderly
  • Countless "tags" can be keyed to a single locator device
  • Multi-language units (English, Spanish, German & French)

  • Pack Contents
  • Locate mode
  • 3 Mini Homing Tags
  • 1 Panic Homing Tag
  • Batteries
  • Sticky tabs, Lanyards
  • User guide
      4456 Haskell Ave.
      Encino CA. 91436
      E-mail: info@childlocator.com
      Phone: 818-986-0732