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MSRP $399.99
NOW ONLY $169.95

Fantastic Features
  • Easy to use-intuitive device, it works right out of the box
  • Find anything, the locator leads you within an inch of it's location
  • Two modes- Located & Alert
  • Set-up "safety-zones" and establish multiple radii
  • Tiny "locator tags" are easy to attach to almost anything
  • "Panic Tags" allow user to sound the alarm-perfect for children and the elderly
  • Countless "tags" can be keyed to a single locator device
  • Multi-language units (English, Spanish, German & French)

  • Pack Contents
  • Locate mode
  • 3 Mini Homing Tags
  • 1 Panic Homing Tag
  • Batteries
  • Sticky tabs, Lanyards
  • User guide
  • FAQ

    Q - How does Loc8tor work ?
    A - Loc8tor uses a blend of exciting new technologies and traditional radio frequency (RF) technology.

    Q - How many items can I protect with my Loc8tor ?
    A - Up to 7 items can be monitored in Locate or Alert modes. Contact us should you need to monitor more items.

    Q - What range does Loc8tor have ?
    A - Loc8tor has a maximum range of 183 metres / 600 feet. This is based upon an outdoor application with clear line of sight. Obstacles such as walls, floors, cupboards and other people will reduce the maximum range proportionately. The Handheld guides you to within 2.5cm / 1” of your possessions.

    Q - Will loc8tor locate Tags through obstacles such as clothing or walls ?
    A - Yes, however the maximum 183 metres / 600 feet range will be reduced. Actual range will dependant on where and what Loc8tor is used on.

    Q - Can Loc8tor detect whether an item is upstairs or downstairs ?
    A - Yes, Loc8tor is fully directional and will provide guidance left and right, and up and down.

    Q - Does Loc8tor work abroad ?
    A - Yes, Loc8tor works on the 2.45GHz ISM frequency band which is available worldwide.

    Q - What is the size of the Loc8tor Handheld ?
    A - The Handheld is 11.0cm (4.3") high x 5.3cm (2.1") wide x 1.6cm (0.6") deep.

    Q - How much does the Handheld weigh ?
    A - The Handheld including batteries weighs approximately 70g (2.5 ounces)

    Q - How loud is the audio alarm ?
    A - The Handheld volume at its loudest is 90dB.

    Q - What if I lose my Handheld ?
    A - If you have a Panic Tag and it is set in Alert mode you can press the Panic button. This will cause the Loc8tor Handheld to vibrate and set off an audio alarm to help you find it. One Panic Tag is supplied with each Loc8tor Plus and additional Tags are available separately.

    Q - How many Tags can be monitored with each Handheld ?
    A - Each Handheld can monitor 7 personalised Tags. Contact us if you need to monitor more.

    Q - How do I attach the Tags to the items I wish to protect ?
    A - Miniaturised Tags can be quickly and easily attached using a key ring loop or high strength adhesive strips, which are all supplied in the Loc8tor pack.

    Q - How do I know which Tag the Loc8tor has found ?
    A - When you register each new Tag you are able to personalise it so that its name (“Wallet” for example) always appears on the Loc8tor Handheld. In Locate mode you simply select the item you are searching for.

    Q - What is the size of the Loc8tor tags ?
    A - Each Mini Tag is 3cm high x 2cm wide x 0.9cm deep (1.2 x 0.8 x 0.3 inches).

    Q - How much do the Tags weigh ?
    A - Each Tag including batteries weighs less than 5g (0.2 ounces).

    Q - Will Tags owned by other people affect my Loc8tor Handheld ?
    A - No. Each Tag is uniquely registered to your Handheld during a simple set up process. It is then impossible for other Handhelds to track your Tags.

    Q - What type of batteries are used ?
    A - The Handheld uses 2 x AAA batteries. Each Tag uses 2 x LR54 or equivalent. Batteries are supplied with all packs.

    Q - How long will the batteries last ?
    A - Battery life will depend on use. Using an example of one locate per day the expected Tag battery life is 9 months. In Alert mode the Tags and Handheld are constantly transmitting to each other to inform as soon as a Tag goes out of the determined safety zone. As this impacts battery life we recommend only switching Alert mode on when you need it. Usually, the batteries in the Handheld will last approximately 2 months in Alert mode. The Handheld will warn you if any batteries need to be replaced.

    Q - How do I know when to replace batteries ?
    A - The Loc8tor will notify you whenever batteries are low using a battery symbol at the top of the Handheld screen. You can push the blue button at any time to view Tag settings which show details of all Tags and battery warnings. You must periodically test the battery of the Tag by activating a 'locate'.

    Q - How do I insert new batteries ?
    A - The Handheld has an easy to remove side cap which gives access to the battery compartment (on the right hand side). Similarly the Tags can be opened using the tip of a pen or other blunt object Similarly the Tags can be opened using the tip of a pen or other blunt object and pushed into and then along the split in the casing.